Here’s a longer post about her circumstances.

In short, I have about 2 weeks to raise $160 (in my currency it’s 500 zlotys) for the rehabilitation fee for my dog. She will need it after the operation of her left knee (anterior cruciate ligament injury with degenerative changes in joints).


- I can draw everything (I’m an art major), but keep in mind that, if it comes to cartoony style, I’m the best at the stuff you can see at my blog! 

- animals, ponies, furry, oc, fan characters, monsters are OK,

- I will also draw nudes and gore,

- if you really want I will also draw porn, but I won’t post it online though,

- mechanical stuff is also okay, but keep in mind it’s not my forte,

- as you can see on my blog, my art style is pretty versatile, so you can choose whichever you like!

- if you want a traditional commission there’s a possibility of sending the original to you if you want! (However I will have to add the cost of shipping).

Contact me at: agnieszka.hazel(at)gmail(dot)com or through ask (if I won’t reply within 24 hours, resend please!)

I will require payment before I start, but then I will share progress with you, so eventual changes can be made.

More examples of my art

Thank you for reading and sharing! 

My dogs operation is scheduled for next week and I’m still far from my goal, so please spread this post further if you can!! I’m very grateful for every note I get and for every commission too!



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